Ok so i want to speak about the   death of one of our legends, a man that helped us in changing the way people see the world today. his influence on the music world helped african americans break through visually with our music. I remember the first time i sat in my living room waiting to see soul train come and and i would be there until he said, " we wish you love peace and soul ". Mr Don Cornelius

Donegan Minor
2/6/2012 04:49:30 am

A Icon to the black community hosted Soul Train for years. What a Legend sad to know he took his own life, say it isn't so

Kathy Black
2/7/2012 03:23:32 am

That is very sad that he took his own life. I used to watch Soul Train back in the day, the 1970's. Yes, I am that old and I really enjoyed the show.

Jenny Donegan
2/15/2012 08:06:47 am

Wow! Well said Heaven a very thought full blog post . . . He will be missed, such as sad loss. Loved the Soul Train!! ;) p.s. I fixed your gmail account so it works now . . . See you Friday!


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